Teaming up to keep prices down!

We've got some exciting news - No Frills Supermarkets and Bag 'N Save have joined forces! That's right, two of the area's best supermarket chains have teamed up to serve you better. Now that we're working together, we have the combined purchasing power to save our customers more money than ever before.

Whether you shop at No Frills or Bag 'N Save, you'll still get the same great service, same great prices, and same great meat and produce. You can rest assured that even though we've merged, both chains are still dedicated to giving you the best shopping experience possible.

Our community focus won't change. In fact, this change simply permits us to better insure our contribution to the communities we serve and the thousands of families that are employed in support of the services we provide.


The employees of Bag 'N Save and No Frills Supermarkets

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