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Whether you’re planning lunches for the week, or planning a party for your friends, our deli has what you need. From lunch meat to fried chicken to party trays, we can give you the variety and quality you want at, of course, a low price.

Lunch Meats

The best sandwich starts with fresh, quality meat and we carry your favorite brands. From Farmland and Wilson ham to Jennie-O turkey, our meats are sliced fresh daily to your specific needs. We carry a wide variety of Kretschmar specialty meats and our deli staff is there to help you make the right selection.


You’ve got your lunch meat, now your sandwich needs cheese. We’ve got your old favorites like Co-Jack, Cheddar and Swiss. Feel daring? How about trying some domestic and imported cheeses like Brie, Havarti, Goat, Gruyere or Gouda? As always, if you don’t see what you want, ask our staff and we can special order it just for you.

Fried, Baked and Rotisserie Chicken

Both our No Frills and Bag 'N Save locations have hot, fresh chicken. Take our fried chicken, for example. It’s hand breaded, yes, hand breaded and cooked in 100% Trans Fat Free oil to provide you with a healthier fried chicken choice. Our baked chicken is roasted to bring out the maximum flavor. Finally, our juicy rotisserie chicken is hard to pass up. It’s guaranteed to be hot and fresh every day. Our chicken is certain to bring your family to the table for good food and fun. Isn’t that the best part of the meal?

Deli Fresh Salads

Whether you’re in the mood for a tried and true potato or macaroni salad or you desire a different taste, like broccoli raisin salad, We offer a wide variety of fresh salads daily in our delis. Our salads are the perfect complement to any meal.

Party Planning

For your next party, how about you be the host and we will do the work! We carry all the traditional party trays; meat and cheese, fresh vegetable, fruit, cheese and appetizer. All of our trays can be custom made to suit your needs. Also available are our 3’ and 6’ party sandwiches. Our catering associates are there to help you plan every aspect of your party including delivering your selections to your door. From a big wedding to a small get-together, our party trays are always a big hit.

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