Welcome to our Meat Department

Our staff can season, stuff and marinate special cuts of beef, pork, poultry and more. And we'll package it just the way you like it.

The Best Meals Include the Best Meat

You should be pickier about the beef, pork and poultry you buy for your family. In our Meat Department, we satisfy even the most selective tastes and our in-store butchers are always there to provide special cuts and suggestions on cooking. 

  • Our in-store butchers cut our meat daily, constantly restocking the meat case.
  • Water and salt solutions are never added to our meat which means you get meat that is a healthier choice at a better value.
  • Ready to cook and serve selections are convenient and delicious. Try our kabobs, stuffed chickens, marinated and seasoned steaks, just to name a few.
  • If you have a special request (such as organic chicken, fresh lamb or veal), just ask an in-store butcher and we’ll special order it for you.

Ground Beef

Whether it’s hamburgers on the grill or taco night around the kitchen table, ground beef is always on the menu. You’ll find the freshest ground beef at our stores. Our in-store butchers grind our hamburger fresh several times throughout the day. From 80%, 85% to 93% lean, all of our ground beef is 100% beef with no water or salt solution added. That makes for a healthier, tastier meal.

Natural Pork

You can be assured that when you buy Farmland Natural Pork, that’s all you’re buying. There are no artificial ingredients, no growth hormones and no water or salt solutions added. Farmland pork is produced by the largest farmer-owned cooperative in the USA and then cut and wrapped by the best meat cutters and wrappers in the business.

Fresh Chicken

Air-Chilled Smart Chicken is dedicated to producing the safest, highest quality and best tasting fresh chicken in the United States. It’s Smart Chicken because it is air chilled for full flavor with no water or salt added. That makes it the healthiest, tastiest chicken available.

Our Tyson® All Natural Chicken is pretty smart, too. Tyson adds no salt solution or additives. It’s just chicken and it tastes so good.

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