Great Ideas For Ideas For Healthy Game Day Snacking

Pizza, chicken wings and chips are among the many popular snacks that hungry football fans reach for on game day. Although these favorite football treats taste great they may not make the cut when it comes to good nutrition. For some healthy snacks that will score big points at your game day get-together, try these ideas:

Baked chips and Salsa- With tomatoes as the main ingredient, salsa is naturally fat-free and low in calories. Serve with baked tortilla chips instead of the fried version to save additional fat and calories.

Veggies and Hummus dip- Hummus is made from pureed chickpeas (also called garbanzo beans) and provides a rich source of fiber and protein. Hummus makes a delicious dip for fresh vegetables or whole grain crackers.

Fresh fruit with yogurt dip- For football fans looking for a sweet snack, serve sliced fresh fruit with flavored yogurt for dipping. For a festive twist, try making fruit kabobs by stacking your favorite pieces of fruit on wooden skewers.

Trail mix- Combine dried fruit and nuts for a crunchy and satisfying snack. Although nuts can be high in calories and fat, when eaten in moderation, the unsaturated fats in nuts can be good for your heart. If you are watching your sodium intake, choose unsalted nuts.

Popcorn- For a delicious whole grain snack, reach for popcorn. Popcorn is naturally low in calories and fat and provides a great source of fiber.

For a delicious and nutritious gameday recipe, try Hot Pizza Dip. 

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