Peaches Are Packed With Nutrition

Of the many delicious fruits that are in season during the summer months, peaches are definitely one of the favorites. With their fuzzy skin and juicy flesh, peaches make the perfect snack on their own or also taste great in smoothies, salsas or cobblers. 

In addition to their great taste, peaches are packed with nutrients. They are low in calories and free of cholesterol and sodium. They also provide a good source of fiber, vitamin C and anti-oxidants, which are nutrients that help to protect our body cells from damage that may lead to health problems such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

When selecting peaches, avoid those with blemishes or soft spots and choose those with firm, fuzzy skins that yield to gentle pressure when ripe.  To ripen peaches, store them in a paper bag. Once ripened, store at room temperature and eat within 1-2 days for best flavor. 

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